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I am a dual citizen (Canadian and American) originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in November, 2003, to seek a career in the games industry as a programmer. My primary interest is graphics and more specifically, using shaders for procedural modeling and texturing of game environments. I also dabble in game physics, animation and videography and support these interests on a foundation of software engineering practices.

If you are a recruiter then I invite you to take the five minute recruiter tour. Here you'll find a skills and education summary, resume highlights and links to my best work to date. I am constantly updating my skills and projects so if you don't see what you are looking for then check back later or send me an E-mail and tell me what I'm missing -constructive criticism welcome! You can also download a variety of code experiments under development from the prototypes page.


Otherwise, browse this site at your leisure using the menu at the top (or the links that follow). There are many things to enjoy here such as video, animation, photography and source code for creating animations of plant growth. Soon you'll be able to download my game demo For the Birds!

I hope you find the content of this site entertaining, interesting and most of all... fun! Besides, life is too short to be cranky.

"You can't save time, you can only spend it wisely or foolishly" Taoist saying

For more information or to obtain DVDs, code or documents E-mail me at keithmerrilliv@yahoo.ca.